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Time Tool
is an essential and easy to use tool for consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, home based businesses, or anybody who needs to track how much time they spend at their computer. It is a time tracking application that can act as your time clock, contact database, invoice generator, timesheet generator, and notepad.

Time Tool
comes with email integration and is available for Windows, Macintosh Classic, and Mac OS X.



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At its most basic use, Time Tool acts as a time clock; you may "Punch In" and "Punch Out" as you begin and end sessions of work on a job. If you have multiple projects to bill time toward, you may punch in and out toward specific projects. Once your job is complete, Time Tool will generate a nicely formatted invoice, print it, and save it for you.

Within Time Tool lies a powerful relational database engine that keeps track of all your jobs, time assigned to these jobs, and your clients. You may use it as a client database for quick lookup of your clients' addresses and phone numbers, and since it is a relational database, you'll never have to enter the same data twice.

You are given complete access to the underlying data.
If you forgot to punch in or punch out, don't worry -- it's easy to go in and add, delete, or modify any session of time you wish on any job.

Time Tool has embedded within it the power of a full-featured word processor. This means that you can use a full range of text formatting options and pictures as you design your invoices and your company's logo. You may design your logo for invoices within Time Tool, or just paste in an existing graphic.

Time Tool also allows you to keep notes on each client as you work. If a client calls with a change to the job, just switch back to Time Tool click on the notepad icon, and enter the notes right there more info here. You may later retrieve these notes under the client's name.

If you have questions you need to ask the client, this is also a great way to keep track of them!

Time Tool is a flexible and simple tool for creating invoices. You may create an invoice automatically filled in with your company's logo, client's address, and the billable hours for a job that you have tracked using Time Tool. You are completely free to modify this invoice however you wish; change your logo, add new item lines for travel or materials, modify the time you're billing for, whatever you need to do. You can even create a blank invoice and fill it in from scratch, if you need to bill for a project you didn't track through Time Tool.

Time Tool
can also be used to keep a record of when an invoice was paid and when it was printed.

Time Tool also allows you to export your invoices to text files for easy emailing to clients. All of Time Tool's internal data may be exported as you wish, in order to provide detailed time reports to your clients upon demand or to integrate with other applications.

Monthly TIMESHEETS may also be generated for specified clients (or all clients) at any time for any month, itemizing the time you spent each day on each project. Timesheets, like invoices, may be printed, exported to a text file, or sent directly to your client as an email.

While Time Tool is a very powerful utility, its power is belied by its simple interface. To get started, just hit a big friendly "Punch In" button and Time Tool will walk you through everything you need to do.

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Time Tool
is available for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / NT / XP, and
for the Macintosh (PowerPC or 68K, System 7.1, MacOSX, or newer.)

Click a download link below for a PC or Macintosh version.
Any link should work, we only provide several in case one should go down.

Electronic documentation for Time Tool and help is provided with the download.

Download Link for Windows

Runs on Win95 through WinXP.

Download Link for Mac OS Classic (868KB)

Runs on PowerPC or 68K Macintoshes.

Download Link for
Mac OS X (476KB)

Runs on Mac OS X only.

Download Time Tool for Windows

Download Time Tool for
Mac OS Classic

Download Time Tool for
Mac OS X


Time Tool is shareware. You may evaluate it in a fully functional form for thirty days,
after which invoice generation will be disabled until we receive your modest payment of $15 (US dollars)
To learn more about shareware, please click on the "Frequently asked questions about Time Tool" link below.

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Have a great day, and don't forget to "Punch In"

Frequently asked questions about Time Tool
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